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Here on this blog, we report a lot on scientific advances being made in our understanding of how autism works. Thanks to our partnership with the Seaver Autism Center for Research and Treatment, we are finding the best science-based ways to improve the lives of children and adults with autism — and that could be you!

Do you or your child have:

  • Repetitive behaviors or narrow interests
  • Difficulty communicating
  • Trouble making friends or maintaining relationships
  • Poor organizational skills

If yes, you or your child may qualify for one of the following studies:

  • Arbaclofen Clinical Trial (ages 5-21): Examines whether arbaclofen improves social withdrawal symptoms associated with autism. For more information please call 212-241-2826.
  • Memantine Clinical Trial (6-12) Targets motor skills deficits associated with autism. For more information please call 212-241-3692.
  • Social Skills Groups with Imaging (ages 8-11): This study compares two different approaches to social skills treatments in 8-11 year old children with ASDs who demonstrate strong verbal skills. Participation includes a 12-session social skills group, a comprehensive psychological evaluation and neuroimaging (fMRI) scans. Goals include improving relationships with peers and learning coping skills for social situations. Participation involves an fMRI before the group starts and after 12 weeks. Parents will meet at the same time and will not be charged for any of the assessments or study treatments. For more information please call 212 241-2993.
  • Adult Imaging Studies (ages 18-45): Adults who qualify will have an fMRI scan and with the option to participate in an oxytocin challenge study to see whether oxytocin improves ability to read emotions in other people. For more information please call 212-241-282.
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